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Summer Job

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#1 Soares



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Posted 12 June 2019 - 11:31 PM


Dear Heroes,

Summer is here, but you need a way to make some pocket money.
Great news! Yoyodine is hiring people for the summer.
Interested in joining our great company?

Here is a list of our job offers!
Please write a short cover letter (150 to 300 words) applying for one of the jobs, and tell us why you’ll be a great asset to our company.

Job List

Yoyo distributors in disgusting city center
Do you want to help make our company known? Then you can by giving away promotional yoyos in the disgusting city center. A sales pitch will be given to you along with the yoyo.

Window cleaner in Switzerland
Do you think you can make justice to our extraordinary headquarters by giving them the cleanest windows, despite the frozen cold? Try to make it in our cleaning team.

Vending Machine filler in Egypt
Do you know your way around a pyramid? You can haul a lot of soda without making them explode from too much shaking? You don’t care for the hottest temperatures? Then this is your chance.

Hotel Customer Service Representative, Yoyo Island
If you feel up to different heroic tasks, such as cleaning up the seafront, keeping an eye on buffet and towels, and bringing sun protection to our guests, you can apply for our hotel in Yoyo Island. At least the view will feel like a holiday.ay.

•You only need to participate once to win the prize.
•You must choose one of the jobs. Then, you must write a short letter in order to take the job.
•Your letter should be between 150-300 words.
•The Event will run for 5 days ;)

Job: Yoyo distributor :

Dear Michel and Michel,
I discovered with great joy that you offered a job in Humphreydale this year.
I live very near, and I already know your designated public. Since you started that yoyo-giveaway campaign, a lot of potential heros now hang out in my suburb. I also know very well the area, as my favorite pawn shop is there.
I’m good at motivating people, as a lot of people from the ranking list can attest. I recently motivated 200 of them for the Sci-fi Convention. I am sure I could give a good impression of your company to the loitering people from the city center.
Hoping you will choose me.

Correia, Server: UK1

•Each user can participate only once.
•Do not use multi-accounts, you will be disqualified from the Event.
•Each person can only get 1 prize, in 1 account and only in 1 server.
•Do not use illegal words, you will be disqualified.
•Copying a previous player’s letter is forbidden. You will be disqualified for plagiarism without warning by the moderator team. For this reason, editing is forbidden. Please check your work before posting.
• You can only get 1 reward in the entire Event (one reward per user, only).
• There are market/server restrictions, example: if you participate in UK forum Event, you can only receive a reward on UK servers.
•Once submitted, you cannot edit your posts. Edited answers will be disqualified.
• If there is an error in the spelling of your account name or server, use the “Report” button on your post to get the attention of a moderator. Explain what needs to be changed! A moderator will then review your request and fix the mistake.

•All the participants will receive 7 days of 50% Skill Booster.

The timeline
•This Event will take place between the 15th of June and 19th of June
•Event prizes will be delivered until the 30 of June.






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Posted 16 June 2019 - 11:59 AM

Good day HeroZero´

                                I hear you need a worker for Switzerland as a window cleaner .Well ı am the wrıght man for the job kleen enthusıastic hard and motıvated worker full of joy I wıll make sure all your windows are sparklıng clean You can even brush your teeth comb your haır ın those wındows once ı am fınıshed wıth them We alos use envırmental freındly cleanıng products So no harm comes to the envırment.We take very specaıl care ın health and safety rules and make sure also no harnm comes to people who walk by whıle where on the job We are keen and ready to go please let me know ıf you need our servıces 


Your Sıncerly.





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#3 CaptainCroatia



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Posted 16 June 2019 - 03:13 PM

Job: Window cleaner in Switzerland

I want to apply for a window cleaner job in Switzerland. I see this job as a huge potential to go back to my home country of Switzerland to see my family,relatives and friends,and, of course, earn some money. I am very familiar with the place so I will find my way around pretty easily. Let me introduce myself;
I have lived in Switzerland for many years, before moving away on heroic duty. I am a very hard-working person because all of my family are very educated people who have always taught me the benefits of hard work. I want to apply for college and I see this as an amazing opportunity to earn some pocket money whilst studying for my diploma. I get along with people,therefore I wouldn't mind working cooperating and working with other people. I believe I should add, I am not afraid of hights, therefore cleaning outside windows of tall business buildings will not present any problem.

Thank you for your time reading this, and I hope I will satisfy your criteria for this job.
CaptainCroatia , UK2 

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#4 devphilem



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Posted 16 June 2019 - 05:41 PM

Job: Vending Machine filler

                 Hi I am a native of Egypt and I am the right person for this job as I know my way around the pyramid. I am very athletic and I have steady hands. Since I have been living my whole life here, I am use to the hot temperature and I don't mind working under hot temperature for long hours. I am ready to start as soon as possible. 


                 Your's sincerely

                 Themayhem uk2

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#5 wez



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Posted 18 June 2019 - 10:06 AM

Window cleaner in Switzerland
Do you think you can make justice to our extraordinary headquarters by giving them the cleanest windows, despite the frozen cold? Try to make it in our cleaning team.


Dear Zero Hero,


My name is wez, I am one of the freshest heroes from around town and everybody knows I am ice-cold.


I would like to apply to the job Window Cleaner. I just come out of a cold shower and about to do a wim hof breathing excercise, so being frozen is not a problem for me, because I will let it all go.


My expertise lies in speed and endurance. I can clean about 6 windows per minute. And that is without any booster activated. I use the finest material and tools a private recipe for the soap. I will share it when I get accepted for the job. But, it must stay private forever ofcourse.


I would love to be part of the cleaning team and make sure everything is fresh and shiny.


My hobbies are: meditation, qigong,learning about esotericism.


Hope to hear from you soon.








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#6 Bravephart



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Posted 18 June 2019 - 02:34 PM

Job: Hotel Customer Service Representative, Yoyo Island
 Dear Manager Sir.
                     I surely feel I am upto the task , for one I have a keen eye I can easily catch anything out of order or out of ordinary. I have years of experience conducting freelance missions, also motivating people especially criminals and cheaters all over the cities wherever there is Yoyodine presence and I am good at what I do. I can easily make out the frauds, shameless mega multi accounters along with their pathetic fake spy accounts to leech on other teams all day long 24/7. With me as your Hotel Customer Service Representative I can easily help you filter the genuine from fakes and efficiently. I bet my attached impressive Resume' will help you make up your mind. If you give me the chance you will not regret it instead it would be one of the best decision you will ever make. Hoping for just one opportunity to prove myself.

Thanks for reading.

Bravephart, Server:UK1

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