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Forum Rules and Terms of Use

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Posted 10 April 2012 - 02:52 PM

Forum Rules and Terms of Use

Welcome to Hero Zero’s official UK forum!

Since we want to fully concentrate on all topics concerning Hero Zero and create an atmosphere in which everyone is comfortable, it is important to establish rules which each user must follow.

If a user breaks any of the rules, his or her account may be temporarily or permanently removed.

The "Terms of Use" apply to the whole forum. Some subforums may be subject to specific terms and conditions which can be found attached to the subforum and must be followed.

Please make note that all content not written in English will be deleted immediately.

Topic and post content

1. Common rules for conduct
The simplest rule which must be followed to achieve a pleasant interaction amongst the users is to use common sense. Which means take the following into account:

  • Each user is a person.
  • Respect other users and their opinions as you would want them to respect you and your opinions.
  • There are also minors using the forum.
  • Personal differences should not be discussed on the forum but however in a private manner. There is the private messaging function (“PM”) for this.
  • You should write clearly and unambiguously using correct spelling so that there are no misunderstandings.
  • Copyright laws and EULA (End User License Agreement) also apply.
  • Everyone is responsible for his or her own content and therefore is subject to the resulting consequences.

2. Give constructive feedback and watch the quality of the content
We love constructive feedback about the game. Be specific and give examples when needed. We reserve the right to delete any comments, posts or discussions that violate the "Terms of Use". The users who use any of the following content will be warned or removed from the forum.

  • Insults, personal attacks, obscenities, curses or abbreviations of curses.
  • Illegal, sexually offensive, racist, ethnic, religious or derogatory content.
  • Fraud in or out of the game (e.g. “Exploits”, “Scams”, “Phishing”, websites and files containing or sending viruses and other malware).
  • Commercials, political, and other advertisements for third party organizations or services involving our competitors will not be tolerated.
  • Denouncing other player’s actions with screenshots or character’s names.
  • Impersonating someone from Playata and/or European Games Group using official personal names or similar names.
  • Releasing a user’s personal information (addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails, and other contact information) – even if it is your own.
  • Copying or uploading copyrighted material (pictures, texts, etc.)
  • Mail interactions between users and the official Hero Zero Support are strictly confidential being that the interactions may contain personal information. Publishing it partly or in its entirety is forbidden.
  • Writing posts which do not add to the discussion topic such as “spam”, citing other posts without adding own content, “first!”-posts, or “bumps”, i.e. post which have the sole purpose of moving the thread up on the thread list.
  • Posting impertinent information regarding the game or game play.
  • Discussions involving the forum’s maintenance and moderation. If you have a comment or complaint you can contact us via message (“PM”) or simply fill out the support questionnaire.
  • Long signatures or signatures containing violations of the aforementioned rules are prohibited.
  • General or controversial statements without constructive content.
  • Posts in which players announce to others to stop playing the game, boycott the game or parts of the game.
  • Complaints concerning decisions of the official support, community management or moderators.
  • Users are free to use the private messaging function (“PM”) or the support form to inform the Community Management Team if there are any violations or misunderstandings.
  • Posts that jeopardize the good atmosphere of the forum or violate the laws.
  • Reposting a topic will not be tolerated. Should our team close a discussion giving reasons for doing so users cannot post another discussion topic with the same title. Of course, you can post topics later regarding the theme. This rule is meant to prevent repetition in the forum. Users are free to use the private messaging function (“PM”) or the support form to inform the Community Management Team if there are any violations or misunderstandings.
  • Only links to external web pages dealing with Hero Zero (fan pages, team sites, editorial articles, etc.) are allowed. These web pages may not violate the aforementioned rules and regulations (e.g. telling other people to boycott). Only exceptions: discussions and comparisons between games are allowed. However, if you post a link for another product you must mention the other product.
  • Themes and posts which are dealing with rights and laws (basic rights, constitutional laws, religious beliefs, etc.). Users who see this are asked to report this to our support team or to the responsible authorities.

3. Use the correct forum
Please be sure to post new topics and posts in the correct forum. This makes it easier for the other players and us to keep track of the events and give you a timely response.

4. No double-posts or cross referencing
Opening posts with the same content in several forums is unwanted because it divides the discussion and makes it harder for us to gather feedback. Cross references will be grouped together, closed, pinned to the other topic or deleted regardless of their content. Before posting make sure that there are not any existing posts with the same topic.

5. Use the search feature
In many cases a search in the forum can answer many questions. Familiarize yourself with the search feature and use it. Take a glance at the “tips & tricks” section, since many players have already gathered useful information.

6. Technical limitations
For certain parts of the forum (e.g. signatures and pictures) we established technical limitations to ensure the forum’s user friendliness. Besides the standard set up in the forum software, we put in place the following restrictions:

  • Signature pictures are not allowed to exceed the following size: 350 x 100 pixels. All pictures exceeding the pixel restriction will be deleted immediately.

If all the forum members follow these few, clearly laid out and simple rules, there is no reason for a forum mediator to interfere or sanction the discussion.

Furthermore, the friendlier and more objective the discussions in the forum are, the easier it will be to cooperate, to help, and to answer questions.

If there are still any lingering questions or you need further help from an official, then please do not hesitate and contact our support with as many details as possible.

Your Community Management Team

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