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Concerning the Future of Hero Zero

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Posted 13 January 2015 - 12:33 PM

I've been part of this community since 07.02.2013 and its time to have rant concerning the future of this game.


This latest update today just proves that this game has been placed on the back shelf,

seriously we get only 1 update every 3 to 4 weeks and this is all we get?

a useless addition for gang fights and one bug fix, come on!


This game is slowly going downhill, I've witnessed allot of players stopping over my nearly 2 years here and it saddens me each time when they either just stop logging in or just delete their hero and each time its due to the game becomming boring after a certain stage (for example after reaching level 200).

There isn't much to do, other than do your training, use the energy, try to gain a complete item set or a good sidekick. Depending on the individual person some might try to get into the top rankings or try to win the weekly tournaments. But that isn't enough to keep players in your game for very long, and its these players that finance your game in the end.


You have 3 Games going now. (HeroZero, Operation X and Big Bang Empire), each very similar and yet they all have various little things that make them unique. for example in the newest, BBE, the players can create their own mini event (movie) rewarding them with coins, xp items and Fans depending on how they create it.


Why not add this to Hero Zero!!


Let the players make their own event (like Villain Hunting) also similar to BBE, they collect items, do duels, etc etc to fullfill the tasks and reward them with coins, xp and items and maybe also "Hero Points" the amount of points rewarded can be based on which event you make, via the options and on how long you take to complete the event.


They then can be used as a scoring for a weekly tournament to replace the highly abused Honor tournament which is currently used. this kind of addition will get the people active in the game again and makes it fair for all since the scoring is based on activity and not on abusing the system as it currently is.


This is just 1 of many ideas which have been voiced over the past,

this forum used to be active with people interacting and voicing their ideas etc etc,

Nowadays the forum is just as dead as the game since hardly anything is comming from the developer side of things and that leaves players thinking "why should we care, when the game makers apparently don't"


I'll wait and see for a while longer, hoping that something might get added to this game to make it fun and interesting again but somehow I have my doubts on that.

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Posted 17 January 2015 - 07:20 AM

I like the idea.. Don't destroy your own efforts for this game slowly...

The Rivals <3

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