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[Suggestion] Team ideas. Battle cries and Villain attacks.

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#1 Georgina



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Posted 16 September 2012 - 05:21 PM

This is an idea that's been stewing for a while. You know how famous teams have a battlecry which they shout as they charge into battle? Like 'Avengers Assemble'. How about something like that? Something for the leader to shout just before the team fight begins.

And what about having some villains attack teams, rather than just appearing in the zones every now and then? In comics many villains call out or attack superteams, so why not? The stats of the villain could depend on the ranking of the team, thus providing a real incentive for teams to improve their facilities and stuff.
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#2 Maximum


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Posted 17 September 2012 - 09:18 PM

this is just my personal opinon: for the first couple of fights I would think a war cry seems like fun but I guess it would get annoying quickly since it is too repetitive. What do you think?
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#3 Arcadia


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Posted 18 September 2012 - 01:03 PM

Those are very interesting ideas Georgina, well done on the creative thinking ;) I understand the point of a battle cry before the Team Fight in this case would be to bring a bit more diversity to the game? This sounds great in theory, although because it doesn't add anything to the gameplay itself, you might find some players will appreciate the variety - others find it a nuisance...

The idea of Villains attacking individual Teams, is a very intriguing one. I've put on my thinking cap, and gave it some thought ;) I believe it would prove slightly more difficult to develop, than it sounds at first. You have to remember not all your Team Players are available throughout the day, and since Villains attack at random you could be in real trouble (of course you might as well receive a notification in advance, as you do when other teams attack, so that Team Members can report for the fight in their own time). There are other things to considered, such as how long would one attack last? Would participating Team Members be able to step away at any time to do other things (this option is available when attacking a Villain in the Zone), or would they have to stay till the end? What about the rewards system? This would not be a matter of simply "moving" the Villain from one place to another as you can see, but nothing is impossible ;)

Adding to my earlier post, Goergina's idea as well as other similar suggestions, which appear throughout the Forum (Team Raids for instance) all revolve around a single thought - more activities should be available to the Teams. Features such as Team Missions or Team Villain Attacks could prove very beneficial to the gameplay itself, by allowing more variety than just Team Fights and Team Expansion ;)

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