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Patch notes 2013-08-20

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Posted 20 August 2013 - 06:19 AM

The following updates have been deployed today (2013-08-20):

• Now you can cut your mission time by 50% 4 times a day with the remote control.
• Ask your friends for disposable batteries for your remote control.
• You can collect up to 8 disposable batteries.

• If you are searching for new team members, your team leader can set application requirements, like minimum level and honor. All heroes who don't satisfy the requirements can't apply to your team.
• An error was fixed which could freeze the client when posting a link in the teamchat.

• You can drag and drop your items on your character now. The item will be equipped directly.
• The drag and drop will work with your inventory items to and in your character screen.

• You can now adjust your work time by the hour with a sliding bar.

• In the player ranking list, you can open the team view of a player with a single click on the team name.
• In the team ranking list, you can now see the trophies from a team. When you move your mouse over the trophy symbol, you can see which trophies the team has.
• You can see in the team ranking list if a team will be attacked.
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