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Patch notes 2022-03-08

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Posted 08 March 2022 - 06:59 AM

The following new features were added today (2022-03-08) :
New features

• In the Ouufit feature you can now set a specific outfit for Hardmode Special Missions.


• New Levels have been added for the following Hideout Rooms:
• The Scout Center can now be levelled up to 30
• The Sports Bar can now be levelled up to 30
• The Private Fight Club can now be levelled up to 25
• The Gym can now be levelled up to 30


Preview: Season Trilogies
Today we want to give you a little preview for an extension of the Season Feature: the Season Trilogies! While the Seasons are running regularly, three consecutive Seasons will get a bigger Main Theme together. During the whole runtime of a Season Trilogy there will be fitting extra Specials, which can be different every time. We'll start with the Season Trilogy: Primeval Times, during which a primeval villain will make their rounds in Humphreydale, having extra cool loot in stock for you!

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