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This game is P2W

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Posted 23 October 2021 - 07:45 PM

Let me explain,


No disrespect but are you guys serious? 


-Pay 1 donut for missiles to have more strength.

.At Villain attack use 1 donut for 3x attack and then use 6 donuts to instantly finish, for players who don't have money to buy donuts they have no chance to win great prizes.

-Pay 10 donuts for this box to have better stats and look better

-Pay 1 donuts for +25 energy that you didn't use previous day, same goes for motivation unit.

-Not even talking about pets

-Season Pass...

-Players that don't have donuts, they have no chance to go up ranks in xp, pvp and herocon tournaments.

-In general people who don't buy donuts, they just don't get better then players who pays money for donuts.


-Hero Distress Call's refreshes for better prizes.


-"Fill up completely Courage's" and "Adrenalines" for donuts.

-Not talking about team expansions. can't release your own trophies for free. LOL

-Second robot worker?

-Getting offers when you run out of donuts to buy donuts, lol?

-Mutlitasking, really?


I know you guys have to make money from making the game and making updates. But damn, make the game fun for people who don't pay donuts as the same as people who pay. Example people who don't buy donuts: spending 6 hours a day or more per week and reaching level 130. Okay impressive good job. But then some 35 year old dude joins the server, buys donuts and in minutes reaching level 130 or more. Beating the player and all the players that don't buy donuts.


Like what's the point of playing if the people who buys donuts will always beat you...

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