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"Halloween Spooky Story"

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Posted 12 October 2020 - 02:09 PM





Even though we are growing up, we always love  spooky stories.

• You must write a short spooky story related to the Hero Zero and Halloween.
• Your story should be between 200-400 words.
• Publish the text in the " Forum Event" section created for this event.
•In your entry, you need to add your username and server: EXAMPLE: Nuno UK1
• Use your imagination!
•The Event will run for 8 days ;)

•Do not use multi-accounts, you will be disqualified from the Event.
•Each person can only get 1 prize, in 1 account and only in 1 server.
•Do not use illegal words, you will be disqualified.
•Copying a previous player’s story is forbidden. You will be disqualified for plagiarism without warning by the moderator team. For this reason, editing is forbidden. Please check your work before posting.
• You can only get 1 reward in the entire Event (one reward per user, only).
• There are market/server restrictions, example: if you participate in UK forum Event, you can only receive a reward on UK servers.
• Once submitted, you cannot edit your posts. Edited answers will be disqualified.
• If there is an error in the spelling of your account name or server, use the “Report” button on your post to get the attention of a moderator. Explain what needs to be changed! A moderator will then review your request and fix the mistake.

• All the participants will receive 14 days 50% of Skills Booster.

The timeline
• This Event will take place between the 15th of October and 22nd of October.
• Event prizes will be delivered until the 5th of November.



Aizen is the best

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Posted 15 October 2020 - 12:51 PM


I was walkıng down the street the other day at Humphreydale and suddenly seen a cat stuck ın the tree so ı clımbed up and saved the cat then an old lady crossıng the street nearly got hıt by a car saved her also.Ended up walkıng all the way to Dırty in town centre Thugs were bullyıng a kıd so ı packed them up ınto a suıt case and left them at the local polıce statıon.I walked so much ı ended up ın Swıtzerland only to see a car stuck ın the snow So ı dug them out and off they went on there way.Oh what a day for a hero I was so tıred so when ı came to Yoyo ısland ı thought ı wıll take a nap near the beach.Woke up ıt was very dark and blury couldnt hear the beach anymore and couldnt see much then the lıghts appeared to me ın the dıstance So ı walked towards them and notıced all the lanterns hangıng from the roofs and strıngs.I was wonderıng where the hell ı was when all of a sudden they came runnıng towards me screamıng  ''they are commıng run Yokıa ıs under attack'' then came the monsters and vıllıans from all over the place I quıckly pressed my button on my chest and out came my ironic suıte so ı was ready to save the day I attacked them and defeated them all.Then the people came back ''HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING THEY YELLED.İTS ONLY HALLOWEEN'' oh no ı had to get out of there so ı flew to Parıs to my hideout and spent the next 2 weeks in my underground hideout :) please let me know when Halloween ıs over :D I dont want to be seen for a while  (grin)



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Posted 15 October 2020 - 02:34 PM


It was a normal day like usual...i was sitting in my hideout...feets on table, drinking coffee and i was going to eat orange helloween donuts that CABLEGUY baked him self . Suddenly me heroic sence got something..i laid down coffee and donuts and few seconds later ..my red phone.. only on distress calls was ringing." RRRRrrrr ..RRRRrrrr..RRRRrrr " . I picked up the phone and there was The Doctor form our Freaks team . "Help us Hydroman! Cableguy has turn to a bad guy and he is....AAAHhgggHHGH...." i heard just silence.."Hey Doctor ..?!" but there was no respond..just that scarry silence.. when i wanted to lay down telephone i heared Cableguys voice . "Non of you will survive"... i picked up my heroic clothes , and trying to get in them while i was running . After long run i was finally in our team base..everything was destroyed. Sudenly all of my team mates was behind me...and with evil voice they said "TRICK OR TREAT !!" my thoughts "Oh Crap what is happening here? All of my friends are against me !! Even HATIKWAH and my wife Samarasamara ! I dont know who´s behind this..but he will pay ! "

I have noticed that all of my teammates have some orange dirt on clothes . when they all attacked me i try to dodge all of their attacks .."Wake up guys! its my your friend Hydroman!!" ... i turn my superpowers on and push them back with my hydropump attack. suddenly all of them were ok . CABLEGUY "Hydro is that you..? you saved us all ! " i was standing there like true hero "YEAH i did. But what happened ? " and CABLEGUY answer me ..i just found in fron my door pack of fresh orange donuts..and there was the letter ..it said freshly baked for you and your team ..so i took them ang gave everyone i told everyone that i made them cuz they smell so good and you know i want to be someday the best baker in the world..so i said i made them. But when we started to eat them in our team base ... we all turn to theese monsters . " i ask Cable "But who would give you such a dangerous thing...who would.."  i didnt finished my speach cuz someone outside with evil voice like oldest and creepiest Witch "I DID IT YOU FREAAAKKKSSSSS!! " I knew it...it was her and her followers behind her Sabililli and her team of evil Fliplife Avengers ..many of them run away when they saw how much are there of us ... i yelled at them " your evil plans ends here you good for nothing villains ....there stayed just five evil FA ..so we just kicked their ..you know what.. xD and made big helloween party where Cableguy showed us why is his hero name Cableguy..dont ask me i won´t tell you xD

im so glad i didnt eat those orange donuts! and thats my helloween story how i saved the day and my team mates


Hydroman UK1

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Posted 16 October 2020 - 08:10 PM

It was Friday ...
The day before halloween, everything seems dark, mysterious and scary ..
And me .. Willingly going for donuts, because there is a promotion in the local pastry shop ...
I'm happy, I'm already thinking about donuts and behind me ..
There is a guy behind me and he asks:
- where are you going?
- I'm going to get donuts from the bakery ... - I replied scared ...
- Come on, I'll take you to another place - he replied ...
I started running away, he chased me with a knife ...
Finally I ended up in a bakery and hid inside ...
  He found me ... But he didn't do anything to me ...
I'm embarrassed and then nervous and scared, I ask:
- you didn't want to kill me?
- no, how would I not kill you, I am the owner of this confectionery.
After we got acquainted, we ate fresh donuts together and looked forward to halloween...
SzymoneqYouTube UK4

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Posted 17 October 2020 - 04:40 PM

Halloween Chaos in Humphreydale: 

The night where the dark creatures showed their true face!


We wanted to have a cosy party night at Halloween with some tasty delicacies. Every teammate brings sweets and tasteful meals. Maybe some strolling around on our brooms later (ghost)

But hey   :O   someone stole our yummy orange donuts (donut) Some truth poison is baked into it! This can end bad in the wrong hands.


Suddenly we hear screaming and demolition from a neighbourteam. Sounds like no brick stays on the other and dangerous curses were shouted. That is were our donuts were landed. But eating it, shows their true character, the evil inside  (clown) 

We didn't dare to come close to it and had to prevent little children from going there to ask for trick or treat. We were covering this mess, no one wants to see the abysses behind those teamdoors (zombie)


Luckily it is only a short time truth poison, In the morning all went back to normal.


Now i see the story of this traumatized eyewitness, I hope he will recover soon from this scary experience. To see the truth can be very frightening. 


We are still waiting for these freaks to apologize for the fear they were spreading around our neighbourhood ...



Don't forget to wear your mask! Not only for health reasons: it can help to beautify neighbourhood  :ph34r: (grin)



SabiLilli uk1

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