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Patch notes 2018-05-22

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Posted 22 May 2018 - 05:58 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2018-05-22):
New Features
• Two new heroism opponents are waiting to face brave heroes! Get the bad guys and earn a nice weapon and gadget set as a reward!
• Two new categories for heroic deeds have been added. Two separate categories for the hero hideout and sidekicks are now available.
• In the heroic deed screen, you can now check out statistics for your character. Curious how many duels you have fought so far? Or how many fight missions you have won? This is the place to look up this information!
• Team leaders can now decide if they want to receive a message when a new player joins an open Team. This option is now deactivated by default.


Hero Hideout
• The maximum level of a room is now also displayed in its tooltip.
• If a construction action is active when a new action is chosen, the upgrade screen, unlock screen or building screen now appears first in order to show building duration and costs. After that, the screen to skip the active action opens.
• If two construction actions ar active, the action with the shorter duration is now always chosen for the screen that allows to skip the current action.


• Several smaller issues have been fixed.


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