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Patch notes 2018-05-02

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Posted 02 May 2018 - 05:58 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2018-05-02):
New Features
• The item "Wooden Hammer of Amnesia" can now be found in the Second Hand Shop more frequently.
• League fights against team members don't influence league points anymore.
• The tooltip of storage tabs that haven't been unlocked yet has been adjusted.


New Feature
• New feature "Heroism" is now available!
• Follow the hints to troublemakers and culprits and put a stop to their game.
• Defeating the bad guys rewards you with items of an exclusive hero item set.


• When the coin cap of 2.147.483.647 coins is reached, a warning message is now shown and the coin amount doesn't jump to 0 anymore.
• The bonus of the Cybernetic Research Labyoratory was already taken into account in the attribute tooltip while still being constructed. This has been fixed.
• Hideout rooms now always show the size of the room.
• Within a zone, only the visible text of the zone name can be clicked now, not the empty area in between the text and the arrows.
• If an attribute was effected by two set bonuses, this sometimes was displayed incorrectly in the tooltip. This issue has been fixed.


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