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Update feedback 7/11/2017

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Posted 07 November 2017 - 07:38 PM

Please post your constructive Feedback here

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Posted 08 November 2017 - 09:20 AM

Hello :-) 


"Shopping Frenzy"

The addition of new heroic deeds "Shopping Frenzy" was needed but why jumping from 100 mio coins to 200 mio and then to 300 mio (200 mio reward 20 skill points and 300 mio reward 10 donuts)? Why not having rewards for amounts in between these amounts e.g. 150 mio coins 250 mio coins? Also the rewards are very poor. Since the xp tournament is, unfortunately, the only tournament I propose that with these rewards some xp should also be included e.g. 200 mio reward 20 skill points and xp. 


"Courage Trophy"

We already have 20 possible attacks per day in the league so the courage trophies which now gives us an additional 2 fight attacks per day is a bit too much. Personally I don't do 20 attacks per day and I play the game a lot. Not to mention the additional 2 attacks benefit a few and to be more precise those who are in the superhero category and going for top10. I don't think it's worth for a team to have a courage trophy for these 2 additonal attacks because of the high handicup. Maybe decreasing the time between for each attack from 1 hour to 30 minutes would help.


Other proposals :



The hideout was the best feature included but I believe it still has a lot of potential. 

1. New rooms are needed. I have dig space and don't have a room to place in the space

2. Rooms to increase the other 2 skills of the bots

3. Modifications for pets (this idea I stole for another player in my team xD credits to Sabi)

4. A tournament connected to the hideout would also be great maybe glory or something else

5. As I have mentioned in a previous post I still have the feeling that the hideout and the rest of the game are two seperate games. Something should be done to really connect the hideout to the rest of the game. It's like I'm playing 2 games.


"Honor Tournament"

Why did you remove it? Yes we helped eachother with honor but it's a game and teamwork should be encouraged, Why was it so bad that we helped eachother? Because of the donuts rewards? The game has become pretty boring for many players who were honor freaks, The honor tournament was a feature that many players liked and were active because of the tournament. You don't "kill" a good feature because simply these players will stop playing the game. :-(. The only reason left to fight duels is if we have a distress call. If you don't intend on bring back this tournament then at least make a major increase in rewards from duels (xp, coins, donuts) and take away honor as a reward because there is no use in collecting/getting honor. You guys killed honor :-/



Mourato uk1

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