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Patch notes 2017-08-29

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Posted 29 August 2017 - 05:57 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2017-08-29):
• The bars which display the skill points have been expanded with new colours.
• The "Power Hero Surprise Boxes" now only contain items of the sets: " Ultimate Power Set of Lucky Strikes" and "Ultimate Power Set of Dodging"
• Reaching a new area now rewards you with 5 skill points.
• The energy and training storage is now full when they are purchased.
• The HeroCon now always ends on Thursdays at 3 a.m., instead of 12 a.m..
• The chance of receiving a donut as a duel reward has been raised if winning against a player with higher honor.


Hero Distress Calls
• From now on, team and gang fights are available as tasks in the Hero Distress Calls. These are only available to players who are part of a team. They grant increased rewards.
• The increasing costs for refreshing Distress Call tasks have been removed. Refreshing a task now costs a maximum of one donut.
• Rewards for league and duel tasks have been increased.


Heroic Deeds
• The heroic deeds for skill points has been expanded and now offers you new stages.
• The rewards for Heroic Deeds have been reworked. Instead of single donuts, they will now more often offer rewards like experience points, skill points, training units, items and energy.


• The chance for modification slots on new weapons and gadgets has been increased.


• The honor and team honor tournament has been deactivated.
• In the experience tournament, you can now not only win donuts, but also skill points.


• The Champion League is now divided into 3 divisions.
• The new highest league is the "Superhero League".
• A new item set is available as lague reward and in the Secret Offer Shop.
• The Superhero League is a seasonal league. This means:
- The league points in the Superhero League will be reset to 2500 at the end of every season.
- Players in the Superhero League get a reward at the end of a season, based on their rank within the league.
-The Superhero League will be reset every Monday morning at 3 a.m.

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