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Automatic training and missions

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Posted 12 July 2017 - 08:47 AM

I suggest that the game allow player to buy automatic training and missions for 1 week at the cost of donuts. Make the missions choose-able for max coins or max experience output same as heroic sense.

Not everyone have the time to play this game 3 hours a day or check the app 30 times a day every 5 minute to finish up their training. Teams with more training or energy trophy get stronger, yes, but are also punished by making them play the game longer. It has become a chore for player wanting to be stronger and remain at the top to use up all training and energy daily.


This game is already moving to the path of being p2w, every updates make donuts more important than ever. I can assure you that buying automation for donuts will make alot more people play this game and more revenue for herozero and also improve the lives of gamer, not having the need to check our phones every 30 times a day and always be online in the game to use up training and energy. 


Ofcourse we would still need to login daily to apply for teamfights and duels, refresh shops, checkout on hideouts and make mods, do special missions but using up training and energy daily is such a chore as you can see from every server, many people quit early once they figured out they need to invest so much time to get strong, for every 1 active player, there is 50 player that is inactive, veteran players rather delete their characters because they have no time to play but dont want to become weak.



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