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Patch notes 2017-06-20

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Posted 20 June 2017 - 05:58 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2017-06-20):
New Features
Message System
• In new conversations with only one player, the subject line is now not displayed anymore.
• You can now leave group conversations, even if 3 or less players are part of the conversatoin.
• Pressing the Enter key on your keyboard now doesn't send the message anymore, but creates a line break.
• Messages can still be sent by klicking the "Send Message" button or pressing CTRL+ENTER.
• The size of the input window in conversations can now adjust itself and display up to 4 lines at a time.
• Single messages and their texts can now be marked and copied. On Android and iOS, there's now a button to copy single messages.
• Group conversations can now contain up to 30 participants.
• Messages sent before entering a group conversation are now not visible anymore for the joining participant. Only messages written after joining the conversation will be visible.
• If a conversation with multiple players is created from the team member list, a conversation title can now be entered.
• Links in messages are now clickable and open in a new browser tab, after being clicked.


Heroic Deeds
• 10 new heroic deeds have been added.


• New HeroCon team tasks have been added.


• For players starting level 300, new items can be obtained in the Second Hand Shop, of course including a fitting item pattern collection.


• Some item patterns haven't been displayed correctly in the Sewing Machine. This problem has been fixed.
• After visiting a hideout of another player, neither Super Glue nor Zeronite has been displayed at one's own hideout. This problem has been fixed.
• The green "upgrade available" arrow in the generator room of the hideout has not been displayed starting Level 12. This problem has been fixed.
• Several smaller issues have been fixed.
• The user interface regarding the HeroCon has been optimized.
• In the HeroCon ranking list the "Show Team" button now works again.


• Notifications have been reactivated.
• Several smaller issues, which could cause the game to crash on Android devices have been resolved.
• Team notes and descriptions are now displayed correctly again on Android devices.

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