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Patch notes 2016-05-10

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Posted 10 May 2016 - 05:59 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2016-05-10):
• If work is aborted, the completed "work" hours now also count towards heroic deeds and hero distress calls.
• The loading times of the game have been reduced.
• Applied filters for heroic deeds can now be saved.


• Messages in the game now have a special symbol according to the type of the message. It is also possible now, to filter according message types in the message overview.
• The applied message filter can be saved.


• Event villains relevant for collective activities, are now shown in the tooltip of the event (left side of the screen). The timers for the next 3 villains will be displayed.


• For some players, the game crashed directly at the start. This issue has been fixed.
• On some devices, players couldn't scroll through the list of special missions. This issue has been fixed.


• Like we already announced, the team mission booster has been changed into a team time booster. The booster now reduces mission time and training time.


Ammunition belt
• All players who reached at least level 25 can now activate the ammunition belt.
• The ammunition belt has a maximum of 4 slots, which can be unlocked with donuts seperately and permanently.
• The first slot costs 10 donuts.
• The slots can be filled with missiles.
• If the current missile is used up, the missile from the next filled slot will be equipped automatically.

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