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Patch notes 2015-03-24

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Posted 24 March 2015 - 07:04 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2015-03-24):
New features
• We implemented a new information system which informs you about current events and activities in the game.

• In this update we release the first version of the Hero Zero Hero Leagues.
• You can access league fights via the main menu button "Duels and Leagues".
• A League ranking has been added to the ranking list screen.
• After a player has earned at least 500 honor point, he gains access to the Hero Leagues.
• At the moment, there are 10 Leagues, each of which is subdivided into divisions of up to 100 players.
• After joining a league, you benefit from the bonuses this league grants. Higher leagues grant higher bonuses.
• You can choose between 3 opponents for each league fight.
• You can start up to 20 league fights per day.
• During a league season you can be promoted to higher and relegated to lower leagues.
• A season starts at Monday 3:00 am and runs for 7 days.
• At the end of a season you have to enroll anew for the next season. You will get assigned to the league level you were previously in.
• If you skip one or more seasons, you lose league points.
• Heroic deeds have been supplemented with league related goals.
• The emblem of your league will be displayed on you character screen and in the ranking list.

• Sometimes players received messages in team chat with a certain delay. This has been fixed.
• In some cases players couldn't join a gang fight, even when the gang fight was started after joining the team. This has been fixed.
• The attribute bars in your character profile have gotten some new colors.
• You were able to open the team options dialog of other teams, albeit without being able to change anything. This has been fixed. You can't open the options dialog on other team screens anymore.

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