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#1689 [Suggestion] New event system

Posted by Nameless on 10 January 2013 - 04:16 PM

Hello superheroes!

My idea would be a new event system. This could be use for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and so on.. The example topic is Christmas.

My idea:
In missions you can collected “Christmas hats”. Exactly like Donuts but the drop rate is higher. In the already built-in "Christmas missions" the drop rate should be a little higher.

Posted Image

On the top on the left side under the level you can find the event button with the remaining event time. I think three weeks are enough time for the event.

Posted Image

If you click on this button, you can see the event menu.

Posted Image

On the top on the right side of the event menu you can see the collected Christmas hats. There are 3 packages to win. Each package costs Christmas hats. As an example, I once selected items, coints & experience and booster for the packages. Of course you also can take donuts or skill points as gains. The admins have to choice this. ^^
The coins and experience are set to the level. The items should only enter to win at the event and not in the second hand shop. So everyone can see that you have participated. :)

Let me know if you like this idea. Please push the Like button ;)


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#6352 Urgent Recruitment in the FBY !!

Posted by Ishraque on 31 July 2015 - 09:03 PM


I am Ishraq from UK2.

I will keep it short as this is an emergency.

I have known Thulk since childhood. We used to be very good friends in 2nd grade and he was pretty normal at that time. The world has seen how strong Thulk is and i am the only person alive who knows all his weaknesses as he himself told me once in recess about them. 

PLANNING AND PLOTTING is not going to work against this monster I tell you. I am the only hope of Humanity . 

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#8204 Garage Interview #17 With SabiLilli

Posted by Astral on 23 December 2017 - 12:52 AM

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this Christmas special interview with the famous SabiLilli!







Hello, SabiLilli. How are you doing this wonderful almost Christmas evening? Fantastic I hope!


I like christmas time a lot, all those blinking lights everywhere. Nice to meet you, Ezreal


Nice to meet you too SabiLilli. So, Why did you decide to pick this name for your character? It sounds very unique.


I was not really creative, I took a part of my name and put the name of my dog Lilli after it.Later i decided to choose another name at uk2 and used it at us1 too, RememberMe. I don't remember why I choose this  :D 







Which servers do you play in?


I play in too many servers: my main-server is UK1, followed by UK2. i play less at S8 and at US1.There I met this smart and curious guy called Ezreal  (kiss) and I have a mostly sleeping account on ap1 too  ;) The earliest timezone, where you can see events or the herocon some hours earlier


* Blows a kiss at SabiLilli * So, how long have you been playing Hero Zero for and how did you discover this lovely game?


I started in autumn 2014. I was playing a cooperative and communicative game before (rip). I met a lot of players and I liked the mix of nations. When it closed, we were looking for another game to have fun and stay in touch with. We came to HeroZero UK1, an international group of 20 players at the beginning.


Is there a skill that you like training the most?


I like intuition the most and then brain, always good to be clever xD.


Indeed it is! Do you have any favorite sidekicks you would like to talk about?


I prefer my fish, he is cute and I teached it snow avalanche, I have a very good Cleo and a Bones too. I would love it if we could use some kind of sewing machine for sidekicks too. My Mimi's skills are not distributed the way I would like them and you only get one Mimi.


You know me and my fishes… Is there any sidekick ability you prefer?


Sidekick-abilities are getting more complicated these days. To let them work often depends on the skill of your opponent. I prefer skills that work multiple times in a duel. I like the new ability bonecracker, so there is a corrective against this brainless skills with horribly glib. But Bonecracker is only working at opponents who have lower brain than you have.  So mostly i prefer snowavalanche, it is working against everyone.




Your hero is very strong, what is your best superhero league finishing position?


There are stronger ones  ;) I don't remember exactly, at uk1 i'm always in top10, mostly between 5 and 9. But I don't like league, it is always the same. Since the honor-tourney is gone, a big part of the challenges is lost.


I am sure a popular hero like you has made a lot of friends while playing this game. Are there any that you would like to talk about?


Friends are the reason to stay!!!! So first of all my friends who came with me to HeroZero: gentle and reliable PinkyCat and strategic thinker Mourato, who is always fighting for justice and our loyal friends  (heart)

I also met some great players at HeroZero:  My loyal friend ParsaJr, thanks for all help and discussions! When we merged team with Almost Avenger I was lucky to meet SiaFurler, LordSica and Stitch, Thank you for your faith in us!


This game of course creates many friendships but you will always have opponents, are there any specific opponents you respect?


We need a variety of strong teams, to give a good competition.For me an institution in game is Bravephart he keeps on fighting and he is really cool! Also, Nicusubzero who tried another way for his team (sadly honor-tournament was closed) and the ones, who sadly quit ;( AlexAthin and SirPiggy, not forgotten


You are part of some huge teams. Is there anything you would like to share about them?


To find a good team with teamspirit is the most important thing and I found my two  :D

Fliplife Avengers at UK1 is my home in game. We are a team with a balanced mix of female and male, different nations and different ages. Thank you all for your wonderfull work! We are doing good in HeroCon and XP-tournament.

At UK2 I found a perfect team for me too: 'Critical Thinkers'. I love the lively chat there! A lot of interesting characters. We are successful in XP-tournament and although we are 5th in team ranking list we are mostly at least top 3 in herocon.

Both teams have experienced players, always there to help and give infos. if you are active and want to join, please contact me.                 







Is there a specific goal you have in the game?


My ambition is to have successful teams with teamspirit and a helpful atmosphere.


That sounds lovely. Any special moments during the time you’ve been playing that you would like to share with us?


Of course when we reached first place with Fliplife Avengers!


Sounds exciting! Let’s talk a little bit about the life you own outside of the game. Would you like to talk about your family and your pets?


I have a husband, a daughter and a dog, we are living in Hamburg. I'm working part time as an IT-consultant, which gives me some freedom


What are your favorite hobbies?


Did i already mention my dog?  ;) I love water, windsurfing and swimming


Is there anything else you would like to share to our community before we finish?


Be fair and have fun! Don't take game too seriously! 


Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to share your beautiful thoughts with us. 



                                    (party) Merry Christmas everyone and a  happy new year    (party)




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